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  • Here are 11 quick real estate tips for preparing a home for sale. Get a free guide to selling properties on the Kapiti Coast, Wellington, New Zeraland.

  • Contact Liam Martin when selling Kaipti real estate. Liam martin is no ordinary Kapiti real estate agent.

  • Contact Liam Martin when selling Kaipti real estate.

  • Buyers on the Kapiti Coast are attracted to well prepared and presented homes. A free guide has 67 ideas for home improvements.

  • Free report reveals why some Kapiti properties sell quickly and why other properties remain on the market longer.

  • A free guide to selecting Kapiti real estate agents experienced at selling Paraparaumu properties and real estate Kapiti. How to pick the best Paraparaumu real estate agents.

  • How important is location when buying or selling a property on the Kapiti Coast north of Wellington, New Zealand? A free guide has helpful tips.

  • Paraparaumu real estate is the driving force of the Kapiti Coast real estate market.Paraparaumu properties offer a variety of lifestyle choices say Kapiti Coast real estate agents.

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  • Raumati Beach properties and Raumati South properties (south of Paraparaumu Beach) continue to be a popular choice for home buyers. Kapiti real estate agents are kept busy selling houses.

  • Free report shows how to get the best price for a Kapiti Coast home in the current market. Read this before you sign a real estate contract.

  • Here are some useful tips for selling a home on the Kapiti Coast. Get the free guide for buying and selling Kapiti homes.

  • Waikanae properties known for beautiful gardens say Kapiti real estate agents. Waikanae real estate values vary in price. Waikanae properties are in demand.


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 Liam Martin

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Liam Martin is a salesperson with Tall Poppy. Kapiti Coast. Licensed under the REAA 2008. New Zealand.


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